The Real Carbon Offset

It's a chunk of carbon that is, literally, offset.

You have all heard by now of the Global Warming debate. Perhaps you've watched "An Inconvenient Truth" or have otherwise seen the trend toward paying reparations, in the form of "carbon offsets", to lessen your total carbon footprint.

Some of the many companies selling these mysterious "carbon offsets" -- while doing environmentally friendly things -- have been deceptive in how much of your money actually goes to reducing greenhouse gases.

So I came up with "The Real Carbon Offset". There is no deception here. You are buying a chunk of carbon that is, literally, offset. It's the only sure-fire way to make sure this carbon never escapes into the atmosphere.

While I may think that offsetting the pollution you caused in your morning commute by paying a corporation to plant a tree makes about as much sense as offsetting your morning shower by pouring a bottled water in the ocean, others have differing opinions. The great thing about this product is its universal appeal to environmentalists and human-induced global warming skeptics alike.

We all want what's best for the environment so after you buy a real carbon offset, continue to conserve, recycle, and smog check your Hummer.


Great Gift Ideas

The Real Carbon Offset is a great gift for...
  • Environmentalists; give them the peace of mind that comes with keeping 2.14lbs of C02 from escaping into the atmosphere.
  • Skeptical conservatives; help them spread the word that carbon offsets are a fraud.
  • Wedding favors; give your guests something that will make them think, and laugh.
  • Political meetings and conventions; a funny centerpiece for any party: Republican, Democrat, Green, or Libertarian.
  • Anyone who follows politics and the Global Warming discussion.
  • Babies who have yet to grow into their carbon footprint.
  • And many more!